BitAlpha AI Review – New Bitcoin Robot


We have reviewed the latest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency robot software for trading called BitAlpha AI. AI is an AI-powered trading platform which claims to utilize a proprietary algorithms-based trading API. There isn’t much information available about BitAlpha AI before making a payment, but it is well-liked online and is the latest company in the growing trend of Bitcoin robots, or ‘bots software tools designed to help cryptocurrency investors. These “robo advisors” satisfy the ever-growing demand for bots to trade in the crypto trading industry because the crypto markets operate 24/7/365, in contrast to traditional markets (such as gold, forex and stocks) that shut down trading on weekends.

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Visit Site To invest responsibly. In this article we’ll review BitAlpha AI’s marketing content and its stated features and examine its claims for winning rate and investment strategy. Be aware that some trading robots are scams , and often make exaggerated returns on investment (ROI) claims. In addition, our review team has blacklisted several of them in our top Bitcoin Robots Guide.

BitAlpha AI – Overview

According to BitAlpha AI user reviews online this Bitcoin trading robot comes with these key features:

What the Robot Trades Bitcoin (Satoshis BTC units) BTC) and various other cryptos
Stated ROI 80%
Trading Fees None
Minimum Deposit $50
Mobile Compatibility There is none – Desktop only

Check out BitAlpha AI Your investment could be at risk.

Review of BitAlpha AI

Be aware it is important to note that BitAlpha AI is also often written as Bit Alpha AI with spaces or BitAlphaAI without spaces. The AI in the name refers to artificial intelligence. The word ‘alpha in trading refers to a synonym of useful information or value. Its BitAlpha AI site begins by saying that BTC could be worth $300,000 by 2022’s end. Goldman Sachs have made a Bitcoin price prediction of more than $100,000 on CNBC to January of 2022. BitAlpha AI website Other notable billionaire investors, such as Elon Musk, Ray Dalio and Paul Tudor Jones as well as hedge funds, as well as other institutions have also made similar Bitcoin predictions while speaking to FT, Reuters, Forbes and other financial mainstream news outlets. Gemini exchange’s founders and Bitcoin investor the Winklevoss twins also forecasted that Bitcoin could reach $500,000 and equal the market value of Gold ($11 trillion) in the near future.

Is BitAlpha AI a Scam?

It’s not entirely certain who is the owner of BitAlpha AI or developed its cryptocurrency robot software for trading. For a comprehensive examination of BitAlpha AI users have to make a deposit in the beginning. But it’s not unusual for the owners of crypto projects to remain anonymous or to make use of pseudonyms. The claimed 80% winning rate that is not verified isn’t as impressive and unrealistic as Bitcoin robots that boast that they can earn 99% of their profits. Utilize stop-loss strategies and only put in the minimum amount initially until you are certain BitAlpha AI is working as it claims.

How Does BitAlpha AI Work?

BitAlpha AI’s BitAlpha AI website claims this tool is high-frequency and is able to run in the background even when traders who are registered with BitAlpha AI are AFK. The API can be integrated with the cryptocurrency exchange of the user’s preference and can identify potentially profitable trading strategies with a 80% success rate. Even with this claimed high precision, there is an opportunity to lose money using this crypto robot. Be sure to only invest money you are able to afford losing.

BitAlpha AI Fees

This robot states that it is absolutely free, therefore BitAlpha AI charges no deposit fees, withdrawal fees , or other charges or commissions that are not disclosed. However it is an exchange system. BitAlpha AI will charge its maker/taker fee, which is different than Binance that in 2022 eliminated all fees for trading on the spot (for Bitcoin). If you purchase Bitcoin and then sending it to and out of the BitAlpha AI wallet, this procedure also carries an enticing network fee per transaction or an amount that is a spread/maker and taker dependent on the cryptocurrency exchange that is used.

Amazon Cryptocurrency?

A few internet sources and rumors seem to indicate that BitAlpha AI is connected to the retailer Amazon but we could not discover any evidence to confirm the claim. It seems to be an attempt to market.

Celebrity Endorsements?

A lot of Bitcoin robots and other crypto robots we’ve examined are well-known however the claims on social media sites that they’ve been recommended by famous people aren’t true. The crypto trading robots are known to be a specialization and operate away from the realm of mainstream. Many scam websites that do not use the official links for websites such as BitAlpha AI will use its name and brand and claim it was utilized for Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert, footballer Marcus Rashford Jeff Bezos of Amazon, chef Gordon Ramsey, and so on. None of these claims is true.

Automated Trading

BitAlpha AI claims it can be profitable in the long haul that if it’s genuine and long-lasting, would be a challenge to professional day traders who are human. BitAlpha AI runs on autopilot and is accessible to all traders who are beginners, According to their website. Investors don’t need a specific level of knowledge in trading to make trades with BitAlpha AI.

Ease of use

Many websites BitAlpha AI reviews state it is an entirely automated trading platform, which means that investors don’t require any knowledge of technology to use it. When you have registered and made an account and then you’re ready to do is hit on the button to live trade. There’s also a demo account that will help you to familiarize yourself with the screen before you begin trading live.


BitAlpha AI claims to have all the necessary safeguards implemented to ensure security on the internet. For instance their website is secured and they have a clear policy on passwords. In the footer of their website, you could be found out the fact that BitAlpha AI is GDPR-compliant and doesn’t share user data without their permission.

Customer service

It is important to note that the BitAlpha AI site makes available its customer support in the forms of phone support as well as email support 24 hours a day. Email communications can be slow, however phone representatives are fast to respond to questions. A personal representative is typically assigned to every newly signed-up BitAlpha AI registration.

How to Use BitAlpha AI – Step by Step

To create a account, you must create a BitAlpha AI account follow these steps:

1. Visit the BitAlpha AI Website

Be sure to visit BitAlpha AI’s authorized BitAlpha AI site as some websites appear to be spoofs websites to gather leads for multi-level marketing schemes as well as Ponzi frauds. Trading bot sign up

The BitAlpha AI Website sign-up form

2. Enter Personal Information

On the homepage, enter your email address, contact number and username. It is possible to use an account with a burner or pseudonym to protect yourself if you’re worried regarding the safety of bots on the internet.

3. Deposit

Begin with a minimum deposit of $50. Once you’re ready and test cash-outs, which according to BitAlpha AI reviews could take up to a couple of hours to process. The cashout is then returned to the method that you used to deposit. Deposit options include credit cards or debit cards as well as bank transfers.

4. Start Trading

The majority of Bitcoin machines and cryptocurrency robots allow the demo account for trade on paper prior to taking the plunge into real-money trading. Demo accounts have zero risk. If you’re looking to trade, choose Bitcoin or any of the many altcoins BitAlpha AI is able to support – including Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple (XRP) and many more. You can also alter your settings for BitAlpha AI. Adjust the settings of BitAlpha AI program to suit your preferences. After that, you can start your BitAlpha AI robot. Create a BitAlpha AI Account Your money could be at risk.

BitAlpha AI Alternatives

We gave BitAlpha AI 4.5/5 Based on the limited details surrounding the software in comparison to other tools for trading automated. An alternative to BitAlpha AI or any similar trading bot is to utilize the copy trading option on eToro which is an FCA, ASIC, and CySEC authorized crypto platform allows you to replicate the trading decisions made by successful, profitable traders that you prefer or a variety of. We at InsideBitcoins we suggest the diversification of your portfolio through putting some of your money to an established platform such as eToro Do not put the entirety of your crypto money into one trading bot or put the funds on one platform because the information about BitAlpha AI’s credibility is very not as clear. The copy trading option on eToro is like the use of a robot, in that you can increase your investments without having to keep track of it, trade on your own or make decisions . All purchase, sell, TP and SL transactions are automated. The platform also allows staking rewards when you hold Ethereum and Cardano in your wallet, which can be a source of passive income. Check out our complete guide on how to duplicate portfolios using eToro which is also known as Smart Portfolios, a similar feature that is similar to automated copy-trading. There’s also a cost-per-dollar average bot available on It’s a second option for BitAlpha AI. OUR RATING

  • 83.7 percent Average Annual Returns CopyTrader(tm) feature
  • Examine the Performance of Traders Choose from 1 – 100 up to Copytrade
  • No Management Fees
  • Free Demo Account
  • Social Media & Forum Community – Trusted by Millions of Users